© 2016 Hammamhane


In Turkish, origin of the word, ‘hamam’ comes from the ‘hammam’ in arabic. And since saying ‘hammam’ looks cute to us, we like to call ‘our hammam’…

We have bought our lovely hammam in 2006, together with its derelict ‘sister building’ next to it. Since that time, we developed the project, we could have the necessary legal permissions and then we started and completed the construction for reinforcement and renovation of that sister building as semi-industrial aparts..

And we called this new building Hammamhane, meaning ‘hammam-house’ in Turkish.

We are proud of Hammamhane. We get pleasure to be in there and we want to share that pleasure with guests..

[Note about Hammam : We could get permits for restoration and will start soon. Whenever it finished, guests of Hammamhane may have some advantages in our renovated CUKURCUMA HAMMAM..]