Hamams (Baths) are the places where the people get washed and rest together. Like many other important things in history, the hamam also was a product of Roman civilization. Roman Baths contributed to Roman citizens’ health and social life for centuries, dissapeared along with Western and Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empires.

The Turks first met bathhouse in the tenth century in Anatolia which was a Roman Empire land then. During Seljuk and Ottoman Empires they developed these baths according to their own needs and called them hamams. Turkish adipex 37.5 became famous all over the world as ‘Turkish Baths’ are still serve people in Turkey and some Balkan countries.


Construction date of Historical Çukurcuma Hamamı is not known exactly. It was rebuilt in the 1800’s, then continued its activity until 2006, by having some renovations from time to time.

In some books, it is indicated that the famous greek poet Constantine P. Cavafy is lived in the Istanbul in the early 1880’s and often visited Cukurcuma Hamam. This pretty hammam had been also the venue for the movie, ‘‘Hamam” by the Turkish-Italian director Ferzan Ozpetek.

The focus point of our Hammamhane project has been this old lovely Historical ambien 10 mg.

The ongoing restoration will be completed in Spring of 2018 and Çukurcuma Hamamı will be ready to welcome its guests.